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Hydraulic Water Leak Detection

Published on Monday, August 10, 2015

Hydraulic Water Leak Detection

The Ferret

At Pipe Tools Inc we are always on the road to discover useful tools for technicians that work in the water, sewer, gas, or plumbing industries. In the water industry working with non-metallic pipe has its challenges.


The Question: You are a plumber, water works field tech, manage a mobile home park, or maybe a professional leak detection firm. You have a service call at Mrs. Jones’s house for a leaking water service line.

·       The water is not surfacing. No wet spots.

·       The water line is plastic poly pipe without tracer wire coming up in the basement.

·       The curb stop is not visible.

·       You have walked the property with a listening device and hear nothing.

·       You have tried tracer gas but you are sniffing in the wrong place. No great results.

·       The landscaping is beautiful and very expensive. The home is straight out of Home and Garden Magazine.

The question becomes how to find and fix the leak with as little damage and restoration as possible?


The Possible Solution: I have discovered a new tool for use on water lines of any pipe material up to 2 inch in diameter. The Ferret finds a leak location by identifying the pressure drop that results as water exits the pipe.


The sensor required to achieve this result is tethered to a specially designed expandable plug propelled automatically by water pressure to the leak location. When the sensor passes the leak, the pressure drops noticeably, and the sensor stops moving down the pipe. Voila !! Just like that ….you found a leak.


Additionally, the unit display tells you know how many gallons per hour it is leaking. So you know if more than one leak exists. The sensor head also contains a locating coil. With the use of the traditional Pipe and Cable Locator using 33kHz the end result is that the exact leak location is identified.


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