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XTpc Single Frequency Locator

XTpc Single Frequency Locator

The industry's smallest transmitter

Categories: Utility Locating

Schonstedt was the first to provide an RF link between transmitter and receiver— a major step forward in productivity.

In 2003 we introduced the Schonstedt XT, the magnetic locator that single-handedly changed the way surveyors work.

Now comes the XTpc—the first truly new advancement in pipe & cable locating in years.

Key Features

    • Only complete locator system you can carry on your tool belt
    • Industry’s smallest Transmitter, 7.2" L x 2.2" W x 1.5" H
    • One hand operation, reach all controls with your thumb
    • Direction arrows for easy locating and foolproof centering
    • Digital signal strength readout, plus variable frequency audio
    • Single button depth calculation
    • Manual or Automatic gain control
    • Volume control, plus earphone jack
    • Battery indicator on both receiver and transmitter
    • Available in either 33kHz or 82kHz
    • Sonde mode
    • 50/60hz power line locating capability
    • Transmitter includes a current meter and adjustable power levels


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