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Sensit Trak-IT IIIa

Sensit Trak-IT IIIa

Combustible Gas Indicator for Extreme Working Conditions Confined Space Monitoring

Categories: Gas

All TRAK-IT®IIIa instruments incorporate a poison resistant
catalytic bead sensor. The function and accuracy of the sensor are monitored and controlled by specialized circuitry and a microprocessor. This sensor is capable of measuring concentrations of 50 ppm up to 100%LEL. When so equipped concentrations above 70% LEL are monitored or measured simultaneously with a state-of -the-art thermal conductivity sensor (TC). This sensor is capable of measuring high concentrations of gas quickly and accurately. All readings are automatically switched between the scales of LEL and % volume.

Electrochemical Sensors (optional)
All TRAK-IT®IIIa instruments when equipped with the following optional sensors, microprocessor and associated circuitry will measure oxygen levels from 0-25%; measure carbon monoxide (CO) levels from 0-2000 ppm; measure hydrogen sulfide (H2S) levels from 0-100ppm. All gases are displayed simultaneously on the display.

The Pump
The TRAK-IT®IIIa is equipped with a powerful and efficient 2 speed diaphragm pump. The filter assembly connected to the probe protects the pump from foreign material. Additional external and internal filters protect the pump from damaging debris if the primary filter is missing or damaged. There are audible and visual indicators that will show a blocked or improperly operating pump.

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