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Sensit HXG-2d

Sensit HXG-2d

Detect and Locate Combustible Gas Leaks Fast with the HXG-2d with Digital Display

Categories: Gas

Sensit® HXG-2d instruments are constructed of durable high impact ABS to withstand the rigors of field use.

Incorporated in the hand grip area is the battery compartment. All Sensit® HXG-2d instruments require 3. Duracell PC1400 batteries provide approximately 50 hours of continuous use.

A push button located in the center of the instrument activates an audible tick sound that will help in locating the source of a gas leak. This tick is generated by using specialized circuitry in combination with the LEL sensor located at the end of the goose- neck assembly. The tick can be easily heard with the speaker located in the back of the instrument.

A flexible gooseneck is used to assist in locating the source of gas leaks and remote sampling.

The display continuously updates the operator of changes in gas concentrations and alerts of low battery power. A green LED on the left side indicates the instrument is ready for use. A red LED indicates the preset alarm points have been exceeded.

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There are 3 operational button pads on the front of all
Sensit® HXG-2d instruments.

Operate the POWER and MUTE feature and exit menu items.

Use to operate TICK or begin calibration.

Use to turn on the backlight or manually zero the sensor.

SENSOR TYPE Combustible Gas Sensor
All Sensit® HXG-2d instruments incorporate a highly sensitive semiconductor type sensor. The function and accuracy of the sensor are monitored and controlled by specialized circuitry and a microprocessor. This sensor is capable of measuring concentrations of 10 ppm of methane up to 100% LEL. Factory calibration uses methane gas. This sensor will detect many combustible gases.

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