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Variotec EGA

Variotec EGA

Simple to use Ethane Gas Analyzer

Categories: Gas

Before making an expensive excavation you need to
be sure the gas detected is really emanating from a
natural gas pipe and that it is not swamp gas or
coming from another gas source.

The VARIOTEC EGA key facts:
  • Quick and easy differentiation between natural gas and swamp gas.
  • Avoidance of cost and delay associated with sending gas samples to a lab for analysis.
  • Special training not required.
  • Easy to use ethane analysis process with clear user friendly prompts.
  • Measurement reports can be saved and stored on a PC for record keeping.
This analysis utilizes the fact that natural gas contains ethane, but swamp gas does not. Thus, if
ethane is detected, it can be concluded that natural gas is present.
During the ethane analysis, the gas sample is always analyzed for the presence of the following
three gases:


  • Methane CH4
  • Ethane C2H6
  • Propane C3H8


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