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Stethophon 04 SDR

Stethophon 04 SDR

Compact acoustic water leak detector with wireless headphones

Categories: Water

The Stethophon 04 SDR is an acoustic detector for displaying and amplifying structure-born oscillations of all kinds. The oscillation sensor provides undistorted sound reproduction even when the noise is barely audible.

The Sewerin Digital Radio (SDR) offers a sound transmission quality equal or better than by cable. By going without the cable, the comfort of work is improved considerably. Headphones and detector connect automatically by bidirectional radio link when switched on.

Sewerin Digital Radio (SDR) works over short distances without any loss. Unlike simple analog radio transmissions, the completely digital signal processing does not allow acoustic interference caused by hissing or re-amplifying.

The filter function enables the users to listen to the sound at the frequency that best suits their hearing and the particular noise being listened to. The filters make it easier to hear certain noises such as the deep-pitched sounds typical from leaks in plastic pipes and higher frequencies from metallic pipes.

The hearing protection feature automatically ensures that the headphones are muted when loud noises suddenly arise to protect the operators hearing.

To help with the leak detection, the Stethophon 04 SDR not only indicates the noise levels acoustically, but also displays them digitally. The lowest measured sound is displayed.

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