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Utilitrac 9000

Utilitrac 9000

12 Watt Multi Frequency Locator Kit with Bluetooth and Ambient Frequency Identification

Categories: Utility Locating

Reliable depth measurement
If the receiver is exactly over a pipe, the UT 9000 conveniently and automatically determines the depth at which the pipe is located.The calculated value is the distance between the bottom edge of the aerial and the centre of the pipe. The highly sensitive aerials in the UT 9000 Receiver ensure above-average location success rates and exceptionally attainable depths.

High protection class
Dirt, dust, extreme temperatures, rain? Not a problem thanks to the IP65 protection class and the extremely sturdy construction.The UT 9000 is always ready for operation, no matter where you are or what the weather.

Brilliant LC display
The graphic display is perfectly legible at all times, even in the brightest sunshine or in the dark. The clear and coherent layout of directional arrows and measurements makes work easier and reliably guides you to your objective.

Maximum availability
Benefit from extremely long operating times: 30 hours for the
UT 9000 Receiver, 100 hours for the UT 9012 (TX) Transmitter. This maximises the availability of the devices and means that you can work without interruption and independently of external power sources.

Powerful performance
The UT 9012 (TX) transmits at 12 Watts, offering unrivalled performance. You can track signals for longer and reliably locate even the longest of pipe sections.

Precise location
If you're not sure about the accuracy of a depth measurement, you can easily and conveniently verify the values using the offset depth by the 45° method (triangulation method). This gives you even more reliable and accurate results. The offset depth measurement returns first-class values,even when obstructions above the pipe in question prevent a direct depth measurement.

Two in one go
The optional Y-cable allows pipes positioned in parallel to be connected simultaneously. The remote control between the receiver and generator lets you easily switch between the two electrical connections – without wasting time changing the connection over.

Handy remote control
The radio remote control for the receiver is much more powerful than any of the Bluetooth connections previously available on the market. It allows you to toggle the frequency and output of the UT 9012 TX up to a distance of 800 metres. This saves tedious running backwards and forwards, and thus time.

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