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Utilitrac 830 Kit

Utilitrac 830 Kit

1 Watt Single Frequency Kit

Categories: Utility Locating

• Thanks to its adaptive filtering, the UT 830 offers impressively fast response times. The extremely quick and reliable directional arrow display means that pipes can be located in very tight locations, thus guaranteeing precise results – regardless of the operating mode or operating style.

• Check your results with the exclusive PEAK function. This allows you to easily hide from view surrounding pipes picked up because of the high frequency bleed over at the touch of button, thus preventing measurement errors and the unintentional location of parallel pipes.

• The fully automated depth measurement gives you an accurate overview of the position of the pipe at all times.

• Thanks to the special internal positioning of the aerials, locating main pipes and branches is a simple process. This saves you walking long distances and allows you to work more efficiently.

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