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Ultra-Trac APL

Ultra-Trac APL

Acoustic Pipe Locator

Categories: Utility Locating

The Ultra-Trac® APL is an acoustic pipe locator designed to locate piping systems constructed of any material including (but not limited to): plastic, metal, clay, concrete, fiberglass, cast and ductile iron. The piping systems can also be located regardless of the type of surface above the pipe such as gravel, soil, grass, concrete or asphalt.

The Ultra-Trac® APL uses a highly specialized acoustic transducer (actuator) technology that requires coupling with the ground surface to send the signals into the ground. Highly sensitive accelerometers sense the reflected energy. The data is processed and converted into easy to understand results on the display. There is no connection to the piping system required with the Ultra-Trac® APL.

The Ultra-Trac® APL is not affected by electrical fields or overhead power systems. Tree roots, rocks and other such subterranean structures do not interfere. The system also incorporates noise cancellation technology that eliminates false readings due to traffic or equipment that may be operational in the area of the test.

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