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2015 Schonstedt Magnetometer

Categories: Utility Locating

The MAGGIE™ Magnetic Locator is a product of over sixty years’ experience in producing the world’s finest flux‐gate magnetometers and magnetic detectors for aerospace, military and civilian applications. The MAGGIE™ incorporates the knowledge obtained from manufacturing under the most rigid quality control standards. The heart of the MAGGIE™ is its patented Schonstedt HeliFluxâ magnetic field sensors. These sensors, acknowledged to be the world’s finest, make possible the unequalled performance of the locator.The MAGGIE™ magnetic locator detects the magnetic field of ferromagnetic objects. They respond to the difference in the magnetic field between two sensors that are spaced approximately 20 inches apart. The MAGGIE™ provides an audio tone along with the convenience of a battery level meter and a relative gain strength indication. In addition to these features, the display unit shows the signal polarity and a bar graph representing the relative signal strength. Although most objects can be located using the audio indication alone, simultaneous use of the audio and visual responses will provide additional information to help you pinpoint a target and determine its orientation.

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