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Ferret: Hydraulic Water Leak Locating System

Ferret: Hydraulic Water Leak Locating System

Hydraulic Leak Locator

Categories: Water

An innovative system for locating leaks in water pipes. The Ferret uses a very simple hydraulic process to locate leaks extremely accurately, saving time and money.
A balloon called the Head is attached to the Ferret with a long flexible tube. The Head is inserted into the leaking pipe and inflated with water until the pressure inside it is greater than in the pipe, so it blocks the pipe. The pressure inside the Head is then reduced until it is roughly the same as in the pipe. The water in the pipe pushes the Head towards the leak. When the Head passes a leak the pressure in the pipe drops and the Head stops moving forwards.
Eliminates cut & cap - leaks pinpointed to within millimeters enabling spot repairs
Locates tiny leaks that make no noise quickly and efficiently, eliminating problem jobs
Reduces the size and number of excavations, saving time and materials
Minimizes disruption to private property reducing customer dissatisfaction
Simple push button operation, competent use requires only minimal training

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