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SePem 01

SePem 01

Multi Use Noise Loggers for the early detection of leaks in the water distribution system

Categories: Water

The amount of water lost through leakages in the water supply network largely depends on how long it has been leaking from the damaged spot. Reducing the quantities of water lost thus means minimizing the duration of the leak. Besides conventional methods of systematic leak detection in evolved network structures, the SePem 01 stationary noise logger offers a practical alternative for permanently monitoring areas which have already been declared leak-free.

The SePem 01 loggers are positioned into valves inside the measuring area. They can, of course, also be fitted to fire hydrants. The instruments record sounds in a defined measurement cycle and emit signals at a certain radio time. These are then transmitted out of the valve box by radio. The signals are received by the SePem® 01 - Master, which collects the data when driving past.

The loggers do not have to be removed from their measuring positions, nor do the covers have to be opened. These data packets contain the main information from the previous measurement cycle. The minimum noise level plays a crucial role here. If the SePem 01's at the measuring points are systematically patrolled in rotation, the minimum noise level readings for the respective measurement location can be compared. Provided there are no leaks, these values will not change. However, if a leak does occur, the minimum noise level will rise and remain at this increased level. Depending on the patrol schedule (e.g. weekly), the duration of the leak will be limited to this short period and the leak will be detected well before the next systematic network inspection, which may only take place in several years' time.

The SePem 01 loggers can also be used for "lift and shift" leak surveys to reduce capital investment.

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