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P340 Flexiprobe System

P340 Flexiprobe System

P340 flexiprobe pushrod inspection systems redefine convenience and control in pipeline inspection. 2016 Fall Sale 15% Off List Price with Free locator & Shipping !

Categories: Cameras

At the heart of the P340 flexiprobe system is the weatherproof P340USB flexiprobe controller, which displays color footage in digital quality on an ultra-bright 8" TFT screen. USB flash drive and Compact Flash storage options along with PC connectivity provide flexible data storage and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

P340 flexiprobe systems have been designed to deliver controllable and high quality video inspection for any situation, from residential work and commercial use through to specialist plant and municipal applications.

Fully sealed 1" (25mm) and 2" (50mm) cameras can be mounted on a range of rods: from the ultra-flexible 100' (30m) Plumbers reel, designed for accessing tight corners, to the 500' (150m) P343 reel designed to push for long distances. A range of compatible sondes, skids, brushes and accessories completes the package.

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